Diamond Glow Rhinestone Bun Maker


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Diamond Glow Rhinestone Bun Maker is an expandable hair tool that holds hair up stylishly all day long. Just twist your hair into a perfect bun and hold it in place with this clip in seconds!

Flexible and Non-Slip, it can hold short / long, thin / thick hair with an elegant hair style. Whether you like bun or classy hair looks, the sparkling rhinestone will add extra charm to your look for all occasions.


Easy, Fast Hair Styling
Just twist your hair and hold the look firmly with this clip! Effortlessly create sleek, elegant hair styles in 5 seconds.

Non-Slip, Secure Hold
Durably made for a strong hold, it will keep your hair style in place even on windy days.

Comfy To Wear
Stop hurting your scalp and hair follicles – This bendable band will gather and hold your hair firmly against your head with no slipping.

Versatile, Elegant Hair Style
Effortlessly hold and style your hair into a French low bun, sleek high bun, half updo, ponytail, or romantic braid style in seconds!

Sparkling Rhinestone
Add a touch of glamour to your hair for all occasions.

For All Hair Types
Easily Pull up and hold thin / thick, straight / wavy, and textured hair with no tangle!

Color: Black, Silver, Gold

1 x DiamondGlow Rhinestone Bun Maker

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