9 holes Stainless Steel Kitchen Herb Leaf Stripping Tool


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It can quickly strip the herb leaves of kale, yellow brown, grass, thyme, basil, and rosemary. Bring convenience to your life.

1. No more picking leaves off of herbs or cutting out kale and collard stems. Easily prepping and processing a variety of leafy greens.
2. 2 in 1 Design makes it quick to strip the leaves from the stems, and use the sharp edge as a little chopper to mince them.
3. The nine-hole design is suitable for most fresh herbs, especially for tiny herbs. Such as kale, collard greens, thyme, oregano, mint, parsley and rosemary.
4. Sharp edge protector provides considerate protection for secure use.
5. Sturdy stainless steel material, the kale and herb razor is durable and easy to clean for more free time.

Size: 12.3×6.9cm/4.84×2.71in
Material quality: stainless steel 430+PP protective sleeve
Packing list: 1 set

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