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You are too tired of the traditional electric hot pot stove because of its large size and difficult to move.

Are you looking for a compact electric stove that can process many dishes and most of all you can use it anywhere without having to plug in?

And from now on you will not have to search anymore because our Portable Instant Electric Cooker will help you solve all of the above problems.

Portable Instant Electric Cooker only needs to be plugged in and charged within 2 hours. Just fully charge, you will be able to take it anywhere you want. Now you can watch movies in bed and still eat comfortably or go picnic and still cook when there is no electricity.

Designed to be portable, light in weight and unplugged for cooking, it’s the ideal kitchen appliance for your and your family’s outdoor camping trips.

Great solution for lazy people. No need to stand in the kitchen, you just need this pot. You can cook anytime, anywhere: In bed, in the bathroom, while watching a movie…

One of the most outstanding features of Portable Instant Electric Cooker is its extremely fast boiling ability. Its powerful heating element allows it to reach boiling point in less than 2 minutes, making it the ideal choice for stirring up broths, noodle dishes or quickly brewing a pleasant cup of tea or coffee…

Save your time !

You will easily adjust 2 heat modes with the mechanical knob on the handle by turning it slightly left or right.

Portable Instant Electric Cooker has an elongated, heat-insulated handle design, with a fulcrum for turning food, using insulating plastic material, providing comfort every time you move. Compact so you can take it anywhere without fear of bulky. In addition, you are also free to process dishes such as fried, sautéed, cooked, grilled, braised, … making your cooking work faster.

Portable Instant Electric Cooker is designed with an environmentally friendly PP plastic pot cover, which has good insulation and anti-fouling effects. When cooking, you can comfortably touch the sides of the pot, the pot shell without worrying about being hot or scalding.

The inner pot is glazed with Ceramin ceramic, which is super durable, does not peel, scratch, and is completely natural and does not contain PFOA.

Easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp paper and wipe it again with a dry paper (or dry towel) to continue using for the next dish.

Product model: A JL-1501
Rated Power: 600W
Rated Capacity: 1.5L
Bastuincy: 50Hz
Product Size: 252x213x159mm


Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Portable Instant Electric Cooker

  1. I***n

    Looks like on the pictures. Perfect! Recommend!

  2. U***o

    Great , excellent service, thanks!

  3. I***y

    this is super I love it so much,it helps me a lot and it’s very easy to use, really recommend

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