4-In-1 Electric Car Jack Tool Kit


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Electric Car Jack Tool Kit, a revolutionary solution for effortless and efficient car lifting. This 5-ton 12V Hydraulic Car Jack Kit is designed to simplify your vehicle maintenance, providing a reliable and powerful tool for lifting your car with ease.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this electric car jack features a robust hydraulic system that effortlessly lifts your vehicle, eliminating the need for strenuous manual effort. The 12V power supply ensures compatibility with your car’s electrical system, offering a convenient and reliable power source.

The kit includes a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your car maintenance experience. The electric car jack is accompanied by a sturdy impact wrench, allowing you to effortlessly remove and replace lug nuts. Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually cranking a traditional car jack – our electric solution saves you time and energy.

Compact and portable, this tool kit is perfect for on-the-go repairs and emergencies. The included carrying case ensures that all components are neatly organized and ready for use whenever needed. With the Electric Car Jack Tool Kit, you can elevate your car maintenance routine to a new level of efficiency and convenience. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the future of automotive lifting technology.


5 Ton Lifting Capacity: The automatic car jacks have a maximum lifting weight of 5 tons (11000 pounds) and a lifting height range of 135 to 360 mm. Perfect for cars, CRV, SUV, Sedan, etc. Before the operation, park the car on the flat ground, avoid car move.

Automatic Lifting: With the simple control panel, the electric floor jack can automatically rise and fall, and it can reach up to its maximum value in minutes. The Jack’s self-locking structure can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the operation of security.

Electric Impact Wrench: The impact wrench can easily and quickly remove the tire screws, and it can be used after connecting to the 12V car power supply. Very suitable for emergency roadside tire replacement. Say goodbye to tedious manual disassembly.

Multi-function Toolbox: The red triangle warning sign outside the box can be used as a warning road sign when changing the highway’s tires. Each part has its position, and they can be precisely embedded in the box. The compact case design is very space-saving and comfortable to carry.

Copper Motor & Non-Slip Head: The hydraulic floor jack has reliable performance and quality, uses a pure copper motor, with large torque, low noise, high speed, and stable performance. The jack ejector features a non-slip design, which can stabilize the vehicle.

Thoughtful Design: Built-in LED lights are bright enough to use in the dark. The compact toolbox on the side of the jack can be used to store other tools. You can get power from the car battery through the 12V cigarette lighter or the battery clip. The built-in tire pump can quickly inflate the tires.

5T Jack+Wrench Jack
Max. Loading Car Weight: 5 Ton / 11000 lbs
Lifting Range: 5.3-14.2 inch / 135-360 mm
Rated Power: 150W
Operation Voltage: DC 12V
Max.current: 13A Compressor
Max pressure: 150 psi
Air Flow: 35 L/min
Current: 10A
Air hose length: 0.65 m Wrench
Rated Power: 80W
Operation Voltage: DC 12V
Max.current: 13A
Max. Torque: 420 N. M

Package Content:
1 x Electric Jack
1 x Electric Impact Wrench
1 x Tool Box
2 x Double Head Sleeve
1 x Cigarette Lighter Power Line
1 x Battery Clip
1 x Gloves
1 x Set Of Accessories