Windproof Spray Gun Lighter


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“Windproof Spray Gun Lighter” has super firepower, the flame temperature can reach 1300°, In the wild ignition is simple and efficient, and prevents the wind from blowing out.

Windproof Spray Gun Lighter

It can be ignited with one touch, the ignition is effortless, and the firepower is adjustable.You are definitely worth buying!

Windproof Spray Gun Lighter

Main Features

This adjustable butane lighter can be easily ignited and used 360° upside down. It is very suitable for use as a candle lighter, Build a fire in the wilderness, lighting cigars, broiling, etc.

Windproof Spray Gun Lighter

Wind Resistance:
The ejector can easily deal with any breeze, the super-powerful blue flame, the ignition is simple and efficient, wind resistance.

Windproof Spray Gun Lighter

Easy To Use:
It also has a double safety switch to prevent accidental opening. One-key quick flameout, with fully automatic electronic ignition and integrated piezoelectric ignition, is safe and easy to use.

Windproof Spray Gun Lighter

Professional Design:
The spray gun lighter adopts a heat-resistant ceramic nozzle to ensure long-term use and resistance to deformation. In order to make the nozzle cool faster, we have added a cooling hole design.

Exquisite Gift:
High-quality metal, elegant body design, and comfortable texture. This lighter comes with a luxurious gift box, which is an excellent gift for your loved one.


Weight : 238G
Product Size : 23 × 10 × 4cm / 9.1 × 3.9 × 1.6inches
Package Contents : Windproof Spray Gun Lighter × 1
Material : Metal
Type of lighter oil : Butane
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