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TripleMonitor™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

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Toggling between windows is a killer to efficiency when working on laptops. Portable dual or triple monitor screens increase your productivity by 50% according to research. this monitor work with entertainment on your laptop.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Ultraportable, energy-saving, and compact design; lightweight and ultrathin monitor; Use in airplanes, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

Screen Extender on either side of your laptop monitor as you prefer; Landscape or Portrait viewing option for any multitasking, programming, design, entertainment, etc.. Full 270° rotation to save space in public places, 180° presentation mode for meetings to mirror your laptop screen.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Offers rich and vivid colors from all viewing angles. Anti-glare Eye Care Brightness Adjustable second monitor attached to your laptop for easy travel, compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, Windows, Mac book, Chromebook laptops


【 Magical Splitter】Larger screen, thinner bezel panel, lighter weight, can provide the perfect multi-screen simultaneous display and multi-screen independent display solution for notebook computer users, and efficiently handle multi-tasking. Increase productivity and efficiency by 300%

【Wide Compatible】Portable monitor laptop, not only supports the latest M1 MacBook. Compatible with most 13.3″-17″ laptops, compatible with most operating systems such as Mac, PC, Windows, Android, etc.; the display monitor is plug and play. (Note! If your laptop itself has a Type-C interface, the screen can be used for single-wire connection display)

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

【Portable Monitor Workstation】Aluminum alloy frame, 11.6-inch full HD LCD IPS, multifunctional external portable folding dual-screen laptop monitor, anti-glare screen, equipped with Type-C (display and power supply two in one), PD port (60W fast charging) ) ) and TF port. Independent work, adjustable screen brightness, etc. With a maximum extension angle of 207°, it is portable and can quickly build a personal mobile workstation.


【Easy to Use Design】Stable and extendable stand, the laptop screen extender can be easily clipped on the laptop frame without any extra accessories like magnets. Comes with a retractable stand that retractably sits on the back of the extended screen.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Widely Compatible

Portable Triple Monitor Laptop Compatible with Windows, Mac (Mac M1 Supported), Linux, Chrome, Android and Nintendo Switch,

also suitable for Type-C phone as a phone extension.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

4 Display Modes

DoubleScreenis multi-mode. You can choose to display the same or different content on your three screens. Also, you can connect other external video input devices, which means DoubleScreen can handle multiple situations in your daily life.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

FHD 1080P IPS Screen

The 11.6in Full HD IPS portable monitor provides a bright, vivid, and immersive viewing experience.

Adjust the settings for your viewing preferences. No matter what’s your expectations, the image quality won’t let you down!

Foldable and Rotatable

Each screen can easily share your work through 207° rotation, 180° presentation mode and three screens in 45° inverted triangle mode to get a screen that suits your needs.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

New Structure Design

DloubleScreen has a 11.6-inch display, which is larger and thinner, and the back can be extended to 17 inches, suitable for 13-17-inch laptops. The P2 has an upgraded stand and a unique design that provides full support for the screen and maintains stability.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Simple To Use
You can connect and install dedicated drivers with just one cable, turning a single-screen computer into a three-screen device.

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Upgrade System Compatibility

Please install the driver before use

TripleMonitor ™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender


DoubleScreen monitor extender FAQ

Q1: The screen does not light up or Screens are intermittent, screen flickers, keeps restarting after connecting the expansion screen?

Check if your laptop USB-C port supports display and power delivery 2 in 1, if the port does not support it,

please use the attached USB-C to USB-A cable to connect to the laptop.

The power of some models of laptops cannot reach the standard power of the screen expansion.

Please use the included USB-C cable to connect the Charging plug, and connect to the PD port of the product to power the screen.

Q2: If my laptop dont have type-c port, how can I connect it?

If the laptop does not have a type-c port, please use the attached USB-C to 2 USB-A cable to connect to the laptop.

Q3: After connecting the product, the laptop does not display the driver, The driver is not responding?

The product has a Type-c port and a PD charging port, Please confirm that the connection is a type-c port.

Some of laptops cannot reach the standard power of the screen expansion, external power supply is required.

Please use the attached USB-C to USB-A cable to connect to the laptop, and the red port of the cable to connect to an extra power adapter (≥ 5V 2A)

Q4: How to solve the screen display “No Signal” ?

1. Please confirm that the TYPE-C port of the screen is connected to the computer

2. Some computers have insufficient power and cannot drive the product to work, so please use another line to charge the PD port and socket.

3. If the previous 2 points are confirmed to be correct, restart the computer.

*Please feel free to ask us any questions not mentioned*

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for TripleMonitor™ – Smart Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

  1. C***s

    I really like this screen extender as my old set-up was so cumbersome! This product you can easily set it up as simple as 1, 2, 3.seriously! I placed the extender on my laptop and opened each screen. Once this was complete, I connected the power cords to each screen and viola- it worked. I like having the multiple screens however, I do NOT miss having those large, massive desktop screens as I had no room for my work. Now, I have a ton of space for my supplies. When traveling, it’s easy to take apart, pack up and store in a backpack or laptop bag. Its lightweight, small and has made my work life so much easier. I would recommend this product to anyone who works remotely and needs space on their desk and uses multiple screens.

  2. A***s

    I love it, it definitely has the same resolution as my laptop, and the speakers all work on the monitor. It is very sharp, I have the brightness adjusted and it is perfect. It’s very easy to set up, it gives you steps to tell you what type of wire you need to use depending on the type of laptop you have. I give them 100 stars. Would definitely recommend it to people who don’t want those personal large size monitors, but it’s easy and definitely something you can set up anywhere and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t take up any space either. This would be the best gift for any event Xmas or birthday …… It is well worth getting or giving to those who do computer work because their work will be easier ……

  3. D***g

    I’ve been using these screens for about a month now. I really wish I had gotten this product when I was still in school. It would have been perfect for writing papers, doing research, training patients, chatting with friends during lectures, etc. I would absolutely take advantage of the mirroring ability of my home screen, either completely on one screen behind my computer or folded up to form a triangle. Not only is this feature great for presentations and practice, but as a tutor it will make my job much easier, especially when it’s not a one-on-one coaching session. I definitely recommend using two extra screens on your laptop! This product has enabled me to multitask as well as perform normal tasks that I once thought were impossible on such a small screen

  4. M***l

    Perfect, corresponds to my son’s expectations

  5. A***k

    Cool, fast delivery and the store changed my address without a problem. Thank you so much for this product

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