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Smart Auto Posture Corrector

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Bad posture is harmful to the body

Smart Auto Posture Corrector is a wearable device that helps improve your posture and alleviate back pain. It uses advanced technology to monitor your posture and provide gentle reminders to adjust your position when you start to slouch.

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

14 Days Evolution Develops Your Muscle Memory

This posture corrector is easy to use and can be worn discreetly under your clothes, making it a convenient option for those who spend long hours sitting or standing. It also comes with an app that provides real-time feedback and tracks your progress over time, helping you achieve better posture and reducing the risk of long-term damage to your spine.

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Correct Scientifically:
1. Exercise the back muscles
2. Develop good habits
3. Develop muscle memory

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

8-Shaped Design, Conforms to Ergonomics:
When wearing, the body curve is compounded, which is more close to the body and has no sense of restraint

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Available for Adults and Children:
Atuomatic induction function, vibration reminding abnormal posture

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Angle Sensing Intelligent Vibration Reminder:
camel back bending more than 25° orthotics vibration reminder immediately

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Power Storage lasting Charging: for 1 hour, available for 15 days
400mAH battery, long-term power storage, correction body shape no NG

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Why is Intelligent Corrector More Better?

Traditional Corrector
●force constraint
●violent pulling
●uncomfortable wearing
●affecting children’s

Intelligent Corrector
●angle monitoring
●vibration reminder
●light & small
●cultivate habits

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

If you suffer from back pain or simply want to improve your posture, the Smart Auto Posture Corrector is the perfect solution for you. With regular use, you can improve your overall posture, reduce back pain, and increase your overall well-being.

So why wait? Take the first step towards better posture and a healthier back today by getting your hands on the Smart Auto Posture Corrector!

– Easily get perfect confident posture – start standing, sitting much straighter.
– Align your shoulders, spine and upper back.
– Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with easily adjustable dual strap design.
– Lightweight high elasticity nylon corrector can be worn comfortably under or over clothing.
– Eliminates neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer.
– Wear all day to retrain your posture- it’s nearly invisible when wear under a shirt.

Invisible Adjustable Straps

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

Product Details:
*Non-slip Elastic Buckle
Easy & adjustable
Stable and not easy to loose
Suitable for all kinds of people

*Exquisite Workmanship
Neatly routed
Prevent falling off

*High Elastic Nylon Belt
Good flexibility
More comfortable to wear

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

For the Crowd:
Incorrect sitting position
Acromion joint dislocoted
High and low shoulder

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

How to use it:
1.Adjust shoulders to appropriate length.
2. Put on the tape and turn on the switch.
3. Hold the correct position for three to five seconds until the correction belt vibrates and the setup is complete.
4.Normal wear is applicable, hump back 20 to 25 degrees will shake to remind.

Smart Auto Posture Corrector

*Adjust the tightness and usage time according to your physical condition.
*Please gradually adapt from the first 10 minutes of wearing, transition from full to 2 hours a day.
*Please do not use it when sleeping.
*People who are in hospital and in the growing stage should consult with the doctor before using.
*Terminate the service if an exception occurs during use.

Item Name: Posture Corrector with Intelligent Sensor
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Color: Gray
Product Size : Free size (Fit for chest 28-48inch; weight 15-95 kg)

(The shoulder straps are elastic and adjustable)
Suitable for: both children & adults

Package Included:
1*Intelligent Posture Corrector
1*USB Charging Cable
1*User Manaul

1.Retail Box not included, if you need it, please contact us before order made, thank you.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

Reviews (32)

32 reviews for Smart Auto Posture Corrector

  1. Customer

    So helpful! I’ve been wearing this every day since I got it. I have a terrible problem of slouching. So much that I have a hump on the back of my neck!! After wearing this so much it’s actually helped. My back doesn’t hurt as much and I’m getting better at sitting up straight on my own. I highly recommend this!

  2. V***e

    Everything is exactly as in the picture. Thanks to the store, I recommend.

  3. K***o

    Everything is exactly as in the picture. Thanks to the store, I recommend.

  4. V***s

    During this time while we’ve all been working from home, I’ve noticed upper back pain. Being at the computer for extended amounts of time makes you unaware of your posture, sometimes to the point where bad posture is comfortable. Knowing that it’s not healthy long term, wearing this device reminds you of when your shoulders begin to roll forward, putting a firm pressure there, so you know when you need to stand up straighter. Over time, you get used to avoiding that sensation and a proper posture becomes comfortable again, which prevents back pain at the end of the day. Forcing yourself to stand up straight feels awkward without this device, but with it, it helps remind you when you’re falling back into bad habits. I’m sure over time, it won’t be needed once mentally knowing what proper posture feels like.

  5. P***n

    So originally I purchased this for my self just to try it… well my girl took it and pretty much Kept it and now it’s hers lol… she loves it! She says it really helps her not to hunch. You can still kind bend your back but it’s like a reminder to stay straight! She likes it so much she wears it while working out on her elliptical!! She says it’s easy to put on and easy for her to take off.. it’s been a little over 2 weeks now that she’s had it and she believes it real helps. Four stars for not having a family packs or couples set, so I wouldnt’ve share it lol

  6. G***o

    Just like the description good quality. Love everything about this product! Helps to relax my muscles in my neck and shoulders.

  7. C***x

    super cool . i recomend you all . thank you.

  8. 9***r

    The first day I wore this product, it caused my upper back to have a weird feeling but it is due to your back straighten out. I don’t have a big upper body, and the straps were fine to tighten. It helps pull your arms/shoulders back so your upper body doesn’t slouch. If you sit down in your chair with bad posture around middle spine, this won’t help much. However, it keeps you conscience about your posture and you’ll be more aware to sit straight up. Overall, for the cost of this product, I think it works nicely to help you fix your posture. It still takes effort, don’t think this will magically cure you of having a bad posture. Even when I take off the back posture corrector from wearing it for 1/2 the day, my body and mind tries to fix my posture while I walk around the house.

  9. K***z

    I like it very much it’s effective, I recommend it and it arrived fast in 12 days

  10. D***v

    Fast shipping! The child walks buzzing)))))))

  11. M***a

    Immediately seeing results. I tend to slouch a lot whenever I work at the office. From all the pain, decided to try this out under my blazer. I can feel whenever I slouch and it’s been a few weeks and can immediately see that my back has improved!! My brother also has used this during the weekend! Awesome product!

  12. M***u

    Thank you store. Sent fast. Works as in the instructions. That’s for sure. I recommend for purchase.

  13. Customer

    I love that this is adjustable so as your muscles relax and strengthen you are able to make it tighter. But it’s also great when your starting to not pull your shoulders back. I believe this sets it apart from other products like this. This really helps take strain off my upper back and is helping my back to be straighter. It’s not a one time use it and everything is corrected product, but it does help you work towards a straighter and less sore back.

  14. 2***r

    Corresponds to the description. It’s okay. I am happy with the purchase.

  15. Y***g

    I was very surprised of how easy this posture corrector was to use. It has helped me lower my back pain and it forces me really keep posture straight!!! The cool thing is that you put it on, pull the strips to your desired strength and velcro them. Thats it! Ive been able to notice how Ive been so used to bad posture that i even develop a wrong posture to breath. Ive been using it every day and i am Very happy!

  16. S***h

    Very good, works well. A little uncomfortable after using it for a long time but it performs its function

  17. Customer

    Very good product to recommend

  18. D***s

    Absolutely recommended, 100% functional though a little noisy with so many Beep! Biip! Biiip!. A great product.

  19. U***a

    Good article meets the mentioned now only need to prove it

  20. M***o

    Excellent! Very useful tells you constantly the back correction.

  21. A***a

    Excellent product. As the image indicates. Of great use

  22. 8***r

    We received the goods, everything is perfectly packed works Super! Works well.

  23. Customer

    It came very fast and just like the photos thanks is already being used

  24. O***d

    Everything ok and as described. The sensor corrector has a good quality and is worth the price. Recommended store.

  25. P***a

    Perfect. I recommend the seller and this product. Shoulders straightens really.

  26. Customer

    It’s great, I took my baby and I use it myself

  27. A***i

    I work 12 hour shifts in an office setting, three days consecutively. I noticed my lower back pain increasing and some rounding in my shoulders. My doctor recommended a posture corrector, and this one has worked wonders. I have not used other posture correctors in the past, but this one seems as good as any. I experience less pain in my lower back and no more shoulder rounding when I use this device. I recommend wearing it under clothing.

  28. J***O

    Item as described, very well packed, included USB charging cable and instruction. Works, with uneven posture, vibration with sound is triggered. I recommend the store. Thank you.

  29. Customer

    Good quality with fair price. Parcel arrived 2 days before the estimated date, size and color as described

  30. R***a

    After using multiple posture correctors, I had pretty much given up on having pain relief for my upper back due to my minor scoliosis. This went on sale and I figured, why not? I gave it a shot and instantly felt relief. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on the little slip of paper they give you, as well as the ones listed on the page. They also provided velcro extending straps for those who may need them. Overall a great purchase on my end, and if this ever breaks or I know someone who needs it, I’ll definitely be recommending this one!

  31. V***o

    Thank you very much. The product came super quickly, in good quality. I will order more I recommend the store to everyone.

  32. T***y

    I was a bit skeptical about this at first, but upon receiving it in the mail I tried it out immediately. I am typically a small/medium in shirt size and ordered a small for the posture corrector. It seems that this is measured a little larger as I had a lot of excess strap. The good thing is that it is easy to adjust and can be done in a matter of seconds. I had on the corrector for maybe 30 minutes and could feel a release in tension already. It’s thin enough to still fit seemlessly under your clothing, but still provides the right amount of support in helping with your posture.

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