Rotating Automatic Buckle Shoelaces


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Fast and automatic shoelacing saves you time to put on and take off your shoes every day. During running, cycling or fitness classes, the shoelaces are no longer loose.

Running hassles – loose shoelaces prone to falls and injuries. Squatting down to tie shoelaces can cause cramps, dizziness, and other conditions. Say goodbye to loose running shoelaces.

Easy to run, never loose, feel the latest technology. Improve the wrapping of running shoes to make running safer and more comfortable.


Main Features

☞【Rotating buckle lazy shoelace】This product is a quick-automatic lace-up artifact lazy shoelace, which allows you to get rid of the troubles of the loose shoelace, and it is easy to wear and take off in one second.

☞【Advanced material】The shoelace is made of the world’s highest strength fiber. This series of materials are usually used in military products, body armor, knobs made of imported soft rubber, exquisite and beautiful, soft and comfortable, cut and stretch resistant.

☞【Ultra-high quality】It is strong and reliable. The knob can withstand 21 kilograms of tension. After testing it can be stretched more than 10,000 times and is still durable. We make quality with our hearts.

☞【Applicable people】 This product is suitable for more than 91% of shoes on the market. Most sports shoes on the market can be installed. Whether it is a child or old, or a young who loves sports, you can use it, and the color is beautiful and fashionable.


Materials : High strength fiber

Shoelace Length : 1.5M (4.9FT)

Package Contents : 2 x Rotating Buckle , 2 x Shoelace

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