NeuroSocks™ – Swelling/Pain Healing Socks (2Pair)


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Get Relief From Stabbing Pains & Swelling

Wake up feeling fresh with your new foot repair secret.

Feel soothing relief and deep healing within minutes of putting it on.

Movements and activities that used to be difficult will feel easy, and enjoyable. Your friends won’t believe how swiftly you move and will ask you how. Only you will know.

Neuro Socks™ is ideal for diabetic foot, neuropathy, arthritis, tendonitis and many other foot-related issues.

Don’t settle for foot pain. Wear Neuro Socks™ and enjoy life pain-free.

Relieve and Prevent stabbing pains, discomfort and soreness in your arches, heel and ankle

Calming Compression improves blood circulation, healing and muscle fatigue in minutes

Instant and Easy relief anywhere and anytime you need whether you’re awake or sleeping.

Combat diabetic foot, neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and ankle splints – great for traveling, standing on your feet all-day or for recovering while you sleep

Why do we need compression sleeves?

We wear compression sleeves to improve blood flow in our legs. Compression sleeves gently squeeze the foot to move blood up our legs. This helps prevent swelling and blood clots to a lesser extent. If you have any kind of foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or neuropathy, or have just had surgery, your healthcare provider may prescribe compression sleeves.

Combat Symptoms of Neuropathy

Compression sleeves can relieve neuropathy issues concerning blood flow, as they are known for their ability to improve blood circulation. Studies have shown that compression sleeves can help those living with diabetes and lower extremity oedemas.

Prevent And Relieve Swelling

Compression sleeves are made to help control swelling in the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Benefits include helping to squeeze these areas to prevent the build-up of fluid in the tissue.

Diabetic Foot Pain

Compression sleeves can help combat symptoms of the disease by reducing swelling, aches, pain, and fatigue in the legs and feet. They are a viable non-invasive treatment method for diabetic patients suffering from poor circulation and nerve damage to the feet and legs.

Speed Up Recovery

When compression sleeves are recommended after surgery, they should usually be worn as much as possible, day and night, until you’re able to move around freely. Compression sleeves are used after surgery to prevent blood clots from developing in the leg, which is known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).