8D Quantum Magnetic Eyelash Partner


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Do you want a faster, more accurate method to apply the full strip eyelashes?

This tool is a clever magnetic lash companion that helps you apply magnetic lashes in seconds! (Only available for magnetic lashes)

This two-in-one beauty tool features an innovative product design that fuses false lashes to your own, giving you a brilliant, long-lasting curl without damaging your lashes or harming your eyes.

Saves time:Specially designed to make using magnetic lashes quick and easy, this lash partner is guaranteed to save time while you apply your make-up. Utilising an innovative curved shape, these professional eyelash tweezers safely apply lashes in seconds and with extreme precision – unlike using your fingers.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: In addition to daub eyelash, this tool as the eyelash curler and removal are also effective, false eyelash can cleanly remove eyelash with and not hurt the eye part, make the whole process is painless and easy.

SAFE TO USE: Ergonomic design is suitable for most of the eye shape, will not cause damage, soft magnet design to make it can be used for sensitive skin.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Impressive light weight and small size, you can easily put the tool into your purse or pocket, so that you can use at any time, remove or repair your eyelashes.

DURABLE AND STURDY: Made of stainless steel alloy materials, durable, not changeful form

Put the eyelash on the tools of the magnet. To ensure the magnetic strip face to face.

Keep the tool towards your eyes, open its arms in your real eyelashes above and below.

Gently, taking on the arm contact with eyelid, and then closed under arm.

Open the tools now, put it away.

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