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“This magical photo inside pendant necklace will let you keep precious people close to your heart!”

Parents, siblings, best friends, or your lovely partner with whom you’re in a long-distance relationship – people you love with all your heart but can’t be with them inside pendant necklace
Do you want to stay close to them? If not in person, then at least in a way that they can remember you, feel your presence, or see your face throughout the day? Locket pendant necklace to the rescue!
Send your loved ones this locket with photo included and let them relive the magical memories they had with you.
The best part? This 4 photo locket chain will let them see your pictures wherever they are. Ah, what an adorable way to say, ‘i miss you!’
What you’ll get:

Meaningful jewelry: The magical photo inside pendant necklace is a genius locket which latches 4 circular photos in it. The storing capsules for the photos sit over one another and are fastened by two wings on the sides.

Can hold 4 photos: To open the clasp, simply snap open the two wings which are constructed on the sides that fit in small holes at the bottom. Place the photos and, there you have your locket pictures hidden right in the jewelry.

Adjustable chain: No matter if you have to wear it loose or higher up your neck. The chain of the expandable photo locket is adjustable up to 30” (80 cm). Wear it with low-neck dresses or turtlenecks equally well.

Durable and non-flimsy: Unlike low-quality photo lockets, this one is made of stainless steel so has a long life and the fasteners are not flimsy at all. It secures the photo capsules tightly within itself.

Give as a gift: It can serve as a great gift to your mother, girlfriend, wife, and friends. Save your most precious memories inside it and help them to remember you always.

Multicolor choice: Choose from gold, silver, rose gold, antique silver “expanding photo locket” jewelry to get one for all your precious people

photo inside pendant necklace

Material: Stainless Steel-Plated Metal

4 picture locket necklace

It won’t get black

Easy to open & close with one click

Stacks up to 4 photos

Adjustable chain (included)

Gifts for parents, partner, best friend

Size: 9” approx.

Package Includes:

1 x Pc

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