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Enjoy comfortable and deep relaxation of cervical spine
Crispy and numb like every nerve stretching


New Upgrade Neck Massager: With a new stylish pendant look, high-quality and soft silicone material, safe low-frequency technology. A cervical spine massager, Deeply massage the body to relax fatigue and tension.

Multiple Modes: 4 massage modes: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Comprehensive, and 15 kinds of strength to meet your needs. With LED screen digital display, It’s recommended to use a low strength level at first, then experience high levels after getting used to it for a while.

3 Levels Adjustable Temperature: The heated neck buddy massager is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, 5s rapid heating to hot compress, dual pressure point massager.

Product Function

4 Modes 9 speed strength/Stable smart chip strength stable

Fit design Soft strap/USB charging power bank car can be used

The third gear is very stable and hot compress Enjoy a comfortable assage

Double pulse technology Master Massage

Fast-paced life leads to a series of cervical problems

Acid–Shoulder and neck strain

Expansion–Pain and soreness

Stiff–Stiff and uncomfortable

TENS + EMS double pulse massage

Light pressure TM stimulates vitality

Low frequency TENS pulse can effectively block the pain of muscle nerve, and combine with EMS pulse current to penetrate into the deep muscle, wake up muscle vitality. and make tired neck comfortable and relaxed

Three-gear constant temperature hot compress

Let the tired neck warm and slow down

Continuous and stable thermal penetration acu-point dredging blood vessels with impulse excitation muscle and joint regulation function

58g easy to wear

Easy wearing experience

Weighing and comparing various products in the industry, the gold counter-weight ratio is obtained from the form and weight, which not only meets the high performance, but also achieves a more comfortable wearing experience.

9 speed strength adjustment
Customize your every massage experience

Four massage modes

Comprehensive, beating, kneading,and pressing modes

Four massage modes and four soothing experiences. It can meet the needs of different use scenarios and different states so that every massage is just right.

270° fit massage
Adopt ergonomic curve electrode piece design to freely fit all parts of the body

Free elastic ring protection
Skin-friendly massage

15-day battery life on one charge

Built-in 1200mAh Polymer Battery
Built-in 1200mAh Polymer battery, used once a day, available for 15 days

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