Mixed Dyeing Color Proof Absorption Sheet


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Are you still struggling with color mixed from clothing to clothing when doing laundry? Try this color absorbing paper. It will prevent your clothes from getting any color that doesn’t belong to it!

Mixed Dyeing Color Proof Absorption Sheet

Main Features

Say Goodbye To Mixed Color
With this product, a white T-shirt, black cotton clothes, jeans, red dress, and so on can all throw into the same washing machine together, no longer need to wash them separately, save a lot of laundry time!

High Activity Absorption Factor
Almost all clothes are stained with some other decolorizing dye during the washing process. This product contains a high activity absorption factor, can strongly absorb the free dye in water, prevent the color mixing of clothes.

Safe For Clothes
Made with natural ingredients, no hurt to your hands, safe for sensitive skin and baby clothes, underwear, and other personal clothes. Chemical-free and septic safe, suitable for all machine wash and hand wash.

Wide Application
Applicable for cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, mixed and other garment materials. All material in the formula can be completed fast dissolved in the water. Not affected by moisture or dryness of the product.


Materials : Non-woven fabric

Weight : 81G

Size : 13 × 15 × 4CM

Package Contents : Anti-Dyeing Color Absorption Sheet(24pcs/box) × 1

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