18 in 1 Faucet Sink Installation Tool


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The extra-long design makes it easier to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts!

18 in 1 Faucet Sink Installation Tool
The faucet wrench allows easy access over existing supply lines so that you will work sitting down outside of the cabinet.

18 in 1 Faucet Sink Installation Tool


► 18 in 1 Design
Our faucet and sink installer is suitable for supply nuts, shut-off valves, strainer baskets, supply line nut, faucet nuts. The open slot allows for easy access to existing supply lines, such as faucets, sink, water heater pipes, water basins, and so on.
WARM TIPS: Please check if the item size is suitable for your nuts, valves, etc.

18 in 1 Faucet Sink Installation Tool► Lightweight & Durable
The sink installer tool is 0.62 lb, lightweight ABS, and high strength zinc alloy material made it strong, durable, and not easy to deform.

► Labor Saving Design
With a labor-saving hole, it makes the rotation easier. and the sink installation tool can help you easily avoid awkward angle rotation without scratching the appearance of the faucet and sink.

► Detachable Head
Innovative folding design is specifically to deal with small spaces, short distances, and pipe corners. and the head and tail use a detachable structure, which can easily cope with narrow spaces.

► Foldable Design
Foldable design makes it easier to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers, and ball cocks. Just snap the position and rotate quickly, then replace the nut installed from the faucet.

18 in 1 Faucet Sink Installation Tool

18 Functions:

1. For disassembly of 4-point cross-type faucet mounting nuts

2. Opening 27mm/1.07in, for disassembly of 35mm spool gland

3. Opening 23mm/0.9in, for disassembly of G 1/2 hose nut

4. Opening 30mm/1.18in, for disassembly of G 3/4 hose nut and 40mm spool gland

5. For disassembly of the 22mm/0.87in bubbler of faucet

6. Opening 14mm/0.55in, for disassembly of faucet copper core valve

7. Opening 15mm/0.59in, as the forcing hole for the broken screw extractor of G 1/2 hose

8. Screwdriver head socket, used with included Phillips screwdriver bit

9. On-off valve forcing a hole

10. For installation of the blade, as the cleaning blade

11. 4-pieces magnets on the head, for adsorption screws and detection

12. Broken wire/screw extractor, to take out broken screw in hot/cold faucet hoses

13. Folding function: for short-distance, curved stainless steel water pipes

14. Two-way horizontal bubble, more accurate measurement

15. For disassembly of 40 mm/1.57in a nut

16. For disassembly of 35 mm/1.38in hexagon nut

17. For disassembly of 35 mm/1.38in a plum nut

18. For disassembly of plastic nut for large faucet