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Women’s Pin Shaped Metal Hair Clip


Bow GoldBow SliverHairpins Set 1Hairpins Set 10Hairpins Set 11Hairpins Set 12Hairpins Set 13Hairpins Set 14Hairpins Set 15Hairpins Set 16Hairpins Set 17Hairpins Set 18Hairpins Set 19Hairpins Set 2Hairpins Set 20Hairpins Set 21Hairpins Set 22Hairpins Set 23Hairpins Set 24Hairpins Set 25Hairpins Set 26Hairpins Set 27Hairpins Set 28Hairpins Set 29Hairpins Set 3Hairpins Set 30Hairpins Set 31Hairpins Set 4Hairpins Set 5Hairpins Set 6Hairpins Set 7Hairpins Set 8Hairpins Set 9Lips GoldLips SliverMoon GoldMoon SliverPin GoldPin Gold SetPin SetPin SliverPin Sliver SetRound GoldRound GoldRound GoldRound SliverSquare GoldSquare SliverStart GoldStart SliverThree Start GoldThree Start SliverTriangle GoldTriangle GoldTriangle SliverTriangle Sliver
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  • Item Type: Hair Accessories
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 5.4 cm
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